‘Still Air’ for the Covid-19 Visual Project

Short film on life under lockdown in Hyderabad, India, commissioned by Covid-19 Visual Project, an ongoing permanent archive on the coronavirus pandemic produced by Cortona On The Move photo festival, Italy.



Sacred Groves of India for Scientific American

Sacred groves, such as the ones featured in this video, are patches of primeval forest that some rural communities protect as abodes of deities. Such “ecosystem people” draw their livelihoods from nearby resources and value nature for the ecological services it provides. Indian villagers are reviving this ancient tradition of conservation.


Video and Audio: Harsha Vadlamani for Scientific American.

Predatory Medical Journals in India for CTV News Canada

Researchers are coming forward with examples of junk science distributed by an international company that now has ties to respectable Canadian journals.

OMICS Group Inc., an online publishing firm headquartered in India, has been accused of duping academics and publishing bogus research with little to no vetting by experts in the field.

Footage and interviews from India: Harsha Vadlamani for CTV News.

Hyderabad’s Elevated Metro for Keolis

Hyderabad is getting ready to unveil its first metro network, which will transform the life of its inhabitants. Keolis employees have been exceptionnaly committed to implementing this project. Team Manager, Patreek, provides us some background.

Photos and ambient sounds: Harsha Vadlamani/Capa Pictures for Keolis.