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Portrait of PV Sindhu, Indian badminton player,  Olympic silver medalist and World Champion, photographed by Indian portrait photographer and photojournalist Harsha Vadlamani, at the Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad, India.Photographed for the Caravan magazine.
PV Sindhu, Badminton Player.
A portrait of Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, the prodigious chess sensation who became one of the youngest International Masters and Grandmasters in history. Photographed by Indian Photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Chennai, India.
Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, Chess Grandmaster.
Portrait of Hannes Bengs, Founder, Pure Waste, by portrait photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Coimbatore, India.
Hannes Bengs, Founder, Pure Waste.
Photograph of Amitabh Kanth, former CEO of Niti Ayog and G20 Sherpa during India's presidency year.
Amitabh Kant, former CEO of India’s NITI Ayog.
Harshavardhana Gourineni, Executive Director, Amara Raja Group.
Harshavardhana Gourineni, Executive Director, Amara Raja Group.
Portrait of Madhav Gadgil, Indian ecologist, academic, writer, columnist and the founder of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, photographed by Indian portrait photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Mnedha-Lekha village in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, India for Scientific American magazine.Madhav Gadgil is an eminent Indian ecologist, environmentalist, and academician. Known for his extensive research and contributions to the field of environmental science, Gadgil has played a crucial role in shaping environmental policies and conservation strategies in India.With a deep understanding of ecological systems and their interdependencies, Madhav Gadgil has worked tirelessly to promote sustainable development practices and preserve biodiversity. His groundbreaking work on the Western Ghats ecology and the concept of "People's Biodiversity Registers" has received widespread acclaim.Gadgil's vision for ecological sustainability encompasses the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. He has emphasized the importance of community participation, local knowledge, and ecosystem-based approaches in environmental conservation.As an advocate for environmental justice and equitable resource distribution, Madhav Gadgil has actively engaged with policymakers, scientists, and local communities to promote ecologically sensitive practices. His efforts have had a profound impact on shaping environmental policies and fostering public awareness about the need for sustainable development.Through his research, publications, and engagements, Madhav Gadgil continues to inspire individuals and organizations to take proactive measures in preserving the environment and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.Experience the captivating presence of Madhav Gadgil, renowned environmentalist, as he stands under a majestic Mahua tree in the remarkable village of Mendha Lekha. This striking photograph, captured by the talented Harsha Vadlamani, beautifully depicts Gadgil's deep connection with nature and his tireless efforts in environmental conservation.The image showcases the harmonious blend of Gadgil's persona with the serene surroundings of Mendha Lekha, one of the first villages in India to receive community forest rights under the forest righst act. The Mahua tree symbolizes the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of the village, while Gadgil's presence reflects his passion and commitment to sustainable development.Harsha Vadlamani's artistic composition and attention to detail highlight the essence of this unique moment, capturing Gadgil's wisdom and reverence for the natural world. The photograph serves as a visual narrative, inspiring viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature and recognize the importance of preserving our ecosystems.
Madhav Gadgil, Ecologist.
Experience the vibrant culture of Tamil Nadu through a captivating photograph of a Siva devotee and worshipper of Draupadi, by renowned portrait photographer and photojournalist harsha vadlamani. Clad in a stunning red dress and adorned with a green shawl, this portrait captures the rich traditions and religious fervor of the region.The image showcases the devotee's deep spiritual connection and reverence for both Siva and Draupadi, reflecting the fusion of Hindu mythology and worship practices in Tamil Nadu. The vibrant colors of the attire symbolize devotion and celebration, adding to the visual allure of the portrait.The photograph serves as a window into the cultural tapestry of Tamil Nadu, highlighting the diversity and richness of its religious practices. It is a testament to the devotee's faith and the vibrant traditions that are passed down through generations.Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Tamil Nadu's religious fervor through this captivating portrait. Explore the interplay of devotion, mythology, and vibrant attire that epitomizes the spiritual essence of the region.
Yogendra Yadav is a prominent political activist, social scientist, and leader in India. Known for his active involvement in socio-political movements, Yadav has been a vocal advocate for issues such as farmers' rights, social justice, and electoral reforms.As a co-founder of Swaraj Abhiyan and the political party Swaraj India, Yogendra Yadav has played a significant role in shaping the political discourse and raising awareness about grassroots democracy. His efforts have focused on empowering marginalized communities, promoting transparency in governance, and championing the rights of farmers.With a background in academia and research, Yadav brings intellectual depth and critical analysis to his activism. He has been an influential voice in the field of political science, contributing to public discourse through his writings and public engagements.Yogendra Yadav's commitment to social and political change has earned him recognition and respect both nationally and internationally. He continues to engage with communities, policymakers, and civil society organizations to address systemic challenges and work towards a more inclusive and equitable society.Through his relentless advocacy and unwavering dedication, Yogendra Yadav remains an influential figure in the political landscape of India, inspiring individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of the nation.Experience the intensity and determination of Yogendra Yadav, prominent political activist and leader, through a captivating closeup headshot. This powerful photograph, captured by renowned magazine photographer Harsha Vadlamani, immortalizes Yadav's resolute spirit during a protest at Jantar Mantar.The closeup composition brings Yadav's striking features and unwavering gaze to the forefront, reflecting his passion and commitment to social and political causes. The image encapsulates the essence of his activism, capturing a moment of raw emotion and conviction.Shot against the backdrop of a protest at Jantar Mantar, the photograph serves as a visual testament to Yadav's dedication to fighting for justice and bringing about societal change. It symbolizes the power of collective action and the role of individuals in shaping the political landscape.Harsha Vadlamani's skilled photography perfectly captures the essence of Yogendra Yadav's activism, creating a compelling visual narrative. The closeup headshot serves as a reminder of the impact that dedicated individuals can make in challenging the status quo and advocating for a better future.Immerse yourself in the world of political activism and social change through this captivating closeup headshot of Yogendra Yadav. Let Vadlamani's expertise transport you to the heart of the Jantar Mantar protest, where the determination and unwavering spirit of individuals like Yadav shape the course of society.
Yogendra Yadav, Psephologist and Politician.
Portrait of Mahima Datla, CEO, Biological E by best corporate photographer in Hyderabad.
Mahima Datla, CEO, Biological E.
Harsha Vadlamani Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker in India
David Lammy, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, UK.
Harsha Vadlamani Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker in India
Nigar Shaji, Aerospace Engineer.
Harsha Vadlamani Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker in India
Pranati Khanna, Singer.
Harsha Vadlamani Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker in India
Pramod Varma, Architect of Aadhaar ID and UPI payment systems..
Portrait of Nand Kishore Singh, Chairman of the Fifteenth Finance Commission of India, by Harsha Vadlamani, portrait photographer in Delhi.
Nand Kishore Singh, Chairman of the Fifteenth Finance Commission of India.
Power portrait of corporate honcho Tarang Jain, the CEO of Varroc, in Pune by India's best corporate portrait photographer.
Tarang Jain, CEO, Varroc.
Born on August 8, 1953, in Kovilpatti Taluk, Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, Cho Dharman, whose real name is S. Dharmaraj, is a highly regarded Indian Tamil writer. His literary contributions have garnered him immense recognition and critical acclaim.One of Cho Dharman's notable works is the novel "Koogai," which offers a captivating portrayal of Tamil lives in post-independence India. This powerful narrative has been translated into English as "The Owl," exposing a wider audience to Dharman's evocative storytelling.In addition to "Koogai," Cho Dharman has authored a total of nine books, including novels, non-fiction works, and short stories. His literary prowess has earned him numerous awards and accolades, solidifying his place as a distinguished figure in Tamil literature.Notably, in 2019, Dharman received the prestigious Sahitya Akademi award in the Tamil language category for his novel "Sool," further cementing his literary brilliance and contribution to the field.Cho Dharman's profound narratives, rich with depth and authenticity, continue to captivate readers and showcase his unparalleled storytelling abilities. His works stand as a testament to the power of literature in exploring the intricacies of human experiences and leaving an indelible impact on readers' hearts and minds.Discover the captivating world of writer Cho Dharman through a mesmerizing portrait captured by acclaimed photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Kovilpatti. This striking image reflects Dharman's profound connection with the written word, while showcasing Vadlamani's expertise in capturing the essence of writers.Cho Dharman, celebrated for his literary contributions, has touched the hearts of readers with his thought-provoking works. Vadlamani's portraiture skillfully brings out the depth and contemplative nature of Dharman's writing, making the portrait a visual representation of his creative prowess.As a photographer known for capturing the essence of writers, Harsha Vadlamani adeptly combines technical finesse with an artistic eye to create portraits that encapsulate the essence of their literary genius. Through his lens, Vadlamani brings to life the inner world of writers and their unique perspectives.This portrait not only honors Cho Dharman's literary accomplishments but also celebrates the power of the written word. Vadlamani's portrayal showcases the connection between writers and their art, offering a glimpse into the creative process that inspires and captivates readers.Step into the world of Cho Dharman and his remarkable literary journey through this captivating portrait. Allow Vadlamani's artistry to transport you into the realm of words and imagination, where writers like Dharman leave an indelible mark on literature.
Cho Dharman, Tamil Writer.
Chinmayi Sripada is a renowned Indian playback singer, voice actor, and television presenter. Born on September 10, 1984, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, she has made significant contributions to the Indian music industry.With her melodious voice and versatility, Chinmayi has lent her vocals to numerous songs in various languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. Her soulful renditions have captivated audiences and earned her widespread acclaim and recognition.Apart from her singing career, Chinmayi is also a talented voice actor. She has dubbed for several leading actresses in the Tamil and Telugu film industries, adding depth and emotion to their performances.Chinmayi's talent and dedication have garnered her several prestigious awards and nominations throughout her career. Her distinctive voice and ability to evoke emotions through her singing have made her a favorite among music lovers.Beyond her musical endeavors, Chinmayi is known for her activism and social initiatives. She has been an advocate for women's rights, addressing issues such as sexual harassment and promoting gender equality.Chinmayi Sripada's multifaceted talent, captivating voice, and commitment to social causes have made her a beloved figure in the Indian entertainment industry. Her contributions continue to inspire aspiring artists and create a lasting impact on the world of music.This beautiful portrait of Chinmayi Sripada was shot by photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Chennai. Vadlamani is a famous photographer who is known for his portraits of writers, artists, politicians, business leaders, corporate honchos.
Chinmayi Sripada, Singer.
Dukku Chamaru Tofa, Gond Adivasi Elder photographed by Harsha Vadlamani in Menda Lekha, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.
Dukku Chamaru Tofa, Gond Adivasi Elder.
Portrait photo of Yogender Alagh, Indian economist and former Union Minister known for his expertise in agricultural and rural development.
Yoginder Alagh, Economist.
A portrait of Serena Aurora, filmmaker from Auroville, by photographer Harsha Vadlamani. Photographed for YouTube India.
Serena Aurora, Filmmaker.
Studio portrait of Anu Acharya, CEO, MapMyGenome by photojournalist and documentary photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Hyderabad.
Anu Acharya, CEO, MapMyGenome.
A corporate portrait of Sridhar Vembu, Founder and CEO, Zoho Corporation by portrait photographer and photojournalist Harsha Vadlamani in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, India.
Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corporation.
Pete Lau, CEO, One Plus, photographed by Harsha Vadlamani for Forbes magazine.
Pete Lau, CEO, One Plus.
Sumeet Mathur photographed at the ServiceNow campus in Hyderabad, India.
Sumeet Mathur, VP and Country Head, ServiceNow.
Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, Founder Chairman, GMR Group.
Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, Founder Chairman, GMR Group.
Kallol Datta, Fashion Designer by photojournalist and documentary photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Hyderabad.
Kallol Datta, Fashion Designer.
Portrait photographer Harsha Vadlamani shot this photo of Anand Patwardhan, Documentary Filmmaker, in Hyderabad, India
Anand Patwardhan, Documentary Filmmaker.
Portrait of actress Keerthy Suresh by photojournalist and portrait photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Hyderabad, India.
Keerthy Suresh, Actor.
Portrait of Thota Vaikluntam in his studio n Hyderabad by photographer Harsha Vadlamani.
Thota Vaikuntam, Painter.
Adil Warsi photographed for Project Management Institute in Hyderabad, India. October 29, 2022.
Adil Warsi, Project Management Institute.
Frauke Quader, secretary of the Society to Save Rocks, photographed in Hyderabad, India.
Frauke Quader, Society to Save Rocks.
Environmental portrait of Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, who fills up potholes in Hyderabad, by photographer Harsha Vadlamani.
Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, Citizen Activist.
Classical dancer Ananda Shankar Jayant photographed by photojournalist and portrait photographer Harsha Vadlamani in Hyderabad, India.
Ananda Shankar Jayant, Classical Dancer.
Environmental portrait of Malolan Bhattachar, Dalit Temple Priest at Ennayiram temple in Tamil Nadu.
Malolan Bhattachar, Dalit Temple Priest.
Portrait of Varavara Rao, Writer, Poet and Activist.
Varavara Rao, Writer, Poet and Activist.